Grace, Respect and Opportunity through Work


In 2012 Luke 14:12 created the G.R.O.W. (Grace, Respect and Opportunity through Work) Program to provide job training, skills, mentoring, resources and encouragement for those struggling with chronic homelessness. All of Luke 14:12’s dining room and kitchen staff are hired from the homeless population and have struggled with chronic homelessness.


Employment can be a valuable resource for the hungry and homeless population – the same population that Luke 14:12 serves.  G.R.O.W. provides essential job skills, opportunities and employment to those who might not otherwise be employed.  We realize that those struggling with chronic homelessness must overcome employment obstacles that those with secure housing don’t face: lack of a mailing address or a phone number, lack of appropriate clothing, inability to create a resume, transportation issues, possible history of arrest and incarceration, possible previous issues with addiction, lack of job training, lack of job skills or professional references.  By providing job skills, training and eventually professional references we encourage our employees to find additional employment, and eventually stop the cycle of homelessness and lack of sustainable employment.