Volunteering with Luke 14:12 doesn’t always mean hustling to bring food to the table or to get that plate ready before the lunch crowd arrives.  Some days, volunteering with Luke 14:12 means that you can spend time outside, smelling the wonderful aromas of tailgating parties and hearing the booming of the marching band getting ready to fire up the crowd!

In 2017, Luke 14:12 benefitted directly from the program sales at the Vanderbilt home football games.  We had amazing volunteers who arrived about 2 hours before the game to sell football programs to fans and visitors arriving at the stadium.  There is no quota to meet, we only ask that you bring your enthusiasm and a smile!  Fifteen minutes after the game begins, those volunteers got to take a seat for free in specially reserved sections and cheer their hearts out.  Vanderbilt football program sales generate a significant income that allows Luke 14:12 to continue serving nutritious meals to over 250 hungry and homeless people each meal time and to continue to develop our G.R.O.W. Program (Grace, Respect and Opportunity through Work) which provides job training skills and mentorship to our staff who are transitioning out of homelessness.  That’s not a bad result for the effort of cheerfully shouting out, “Get your game programs here!”

This Fall, Vanderbilt will be hosting Middle Tennessee (9/1), Nevada (9/8), South Carolina (9/22), Tennessee State (9/29), Florida (10/13), Mississippi (11/17), and Tennessee (11/24).  This is an amazing line-up and you can be a part of it!  Visit to sign up and learn more. 

And now for a shameful attempt to incorporate football slang into our goal for this volunteer opportunity.  We know that our volunteers are never one to sit the game out and be on the sideline.  They huddle up, take the ball, run and go deep when there is a challenge to be tackled.  And at the end, Luke 14:12 doesn’t drop the ball either.  Together we blitz through the obstacles and bring a worthy meal and spirit of hospitality to those who look to us for nourishment. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the game!